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How to find out if you have chosen the right SEO company

There are tons of SEO firms in the market, though not all now work correctly. Many organizations rely on false claims. Hence one should be aware of the things to consider before looking into an SEO company.

Once you hire an SEO agent it is important that regularly run a survey to get a walkthrough of what they are doing. This should be done necessarily during the first few months of hiring them as you don’t know at all how they work. Hence are some things that would help you realize if the SEO agency work is helping you or ruing your ranking

They don’t have any suggestions

The only reason your site isn’t coming on organic search is that there are issues with your sites. If the SEO company isn’t providing you with suggestions or are providing you with very fewer improvement logics then maybe something to be suspicious about. There are the agencies to leave thorough few backlinks and think that it would bring around some miracle.

Disrespectful companies don’t invest much of their time and resources to focus on your business. so you mustn’t let them harm your website.

Ranking is dropping

Your site’s ranking might be falling on a lot of factors. To explain this on the other way, it’s not that your rank is dropping but the ranking of other sites is increasing so it is pushing your rank down. However, your rank is decreasing steadily then it is well to say that your sites are being penalized for some ill-doing. Talk to the agencies in such cases.

They don’t ask for details

SEO is incomplete without your help. there are certain things that an SEO company would be asking you like –

  • Admin access to your CMS
  • List of keywords
  • Penalties history if any
  • Social account details

If none of these are done then they are doing some low-cost SEO like adding backlinks and this won’t bring much of the traffic not increase your rating.


If you have faced any of the issues above then you should question the agency. Not having the right SEOs process or doing it wrong will get the sites penalized and the rating can go down drastically. Do give them a list of keywords so that they can target it correctly.