How to Fix CotoMovies has Stopped on Android

CotoMovies has stopped working fixed guideline for Android and iOS devices. If you had downloaded the Coto Movies APK and you are faced with CotoMovies has stopped working or not responding while you’re about to start streaming or when you launch the free movies app, here is a fix for you.

A few days ago I was trying to download movies on CotoMovies APK app but faced with, unfortunately, the app has stopped working. I was frustrated and there isn’t a way forward to either download the movie or watch the movie online. However, the only solution at hand then was to hit the back button.

Having spent days ruminating on the solution to fix the, unfortunately, CotoMovies has stopped on my Android have resulted to a success. Therefore, I am going to share with you a simple guide and simple to follow procedures to fix Coto Movies has stopped working error message.

CotoMovies has stopped

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Has Coto Movies Crashed?

Coto Movies is a new app replacing the Bobby Movies box for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac computers to stream movies online for free without rooting and jailbreaking. However, it’s hard to believe that CotoMovies APK is already crashed. So, it’s far from the truth.

The reason why CotoMovies has stopped error message is popping up on your device while you are trying to download and watch movies on the app could be linked to so many reasons. However, check the following solutions to see which one works for you.

Fix CotoMovies Has Stopped Working

Here is a quick fix to the CotoMovies app has stopped responding on Android and iOS device

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Scroll down and find apps or applications manager
  • Find “CotoMovies” from the list of apps
  • Click on it
  • Click on the storage option
  • Tap on clear caches
  • Done

So quick and effective. Follow the procedure above, clear CotoMovies’ caches and restart the app.

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