How to Install CotoMovies on Smart TV

You can get CotoMovies working on a Smart TV for free and without buying an add-on. The procedures to follow to install CotoMovies for Smart TV works on all Smart TVs including an LG Smart TV, Philip Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, Panasonic Smart TV and many other.

CotoMovies [Previously Bobby Movie] is ads free movies download app form Android and iOS devices. However, a PC and a Mac computer user can also download CotoMovies APK to stream movies for free from popular movies sites.

The procedure used to make CotoMovies work on a Windows device and a MacOS device can be used to install CotoMovies for Smart TV.

Meanwhile, in the past, we have considered some vital aspect of Coto Movies app and how to make effective use of the app. However, for the moment, take a look at how to download Coto Movies, install Coto Movies APK on Android, how to download Coto Movies and install it on iPhone/iPad/iPod without jailbreaking.

If you are a fan of the Amazon Firestick you shouldn’t be neglected. To download and install Coto Movies on Firestick kindly follow this guide.

Download Coto Movies for Smart TV

They are various type of Smart TV and brands. With this guide, you will be able to download and use Coto Movies APK app on Smart TVs like Samsung, Hisense, Panasonic, LG, etceteras.

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1. Power on your Smart TV and get your TV remote ready

2. Press menu on your Smart TV remote control and go to the settings option

3. Scroll to security and restriction and enable install from unknown sources

Coto Movies for Smart TV

4. Now, download Coto Movies APK on a flash drive and plug the drive to your Smart TV

5. Allow the smart TV to read and access the flash drive. Navigate to the download folder and select CotoMovies

6. Accept the popup warning from your TV interface using the remote control and wait for the installation process to finish.

Once you have installed the Coto Movies for Smart TV, you should remove the flash drive plugged to your TV during installation and enjoy the free movies’ app.

Note: Meanwhile, to use CotoMovies app effectively and to be able to stream movies live on your Smart TV, you must connect to an internet connection either a broadband or a WiFi to establish a connection between the Smart TV and the Coto Movies server.

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