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    Average Annual Salary of an AWS Certified Professional

    AWS is the abbreviation for Amazon Web Services. Certain IT in order to obtain a higher qualification and a higher salary tend to study certain courses on AWS and boost their knowledge of technical cloud computing and other IT framework skills. AWS certifications are considered as part Amazon Web Services programme which a certain IT professional obtaining after successful completion of the course and passing one or more exams that the Amazon has to offer. These exams are considered as one of the most difficult exams to qualify in the IT sector. 


    AWS is a vast programme of different aspects of cloud computing and providing basic as well as advanced IT framework support to the company. The AWS courses provide various certification exams to various web designers, cloud engineers, architects and many more such


    IT professionals. Generally, AWS offers six core certifications, which are as follows: 

    • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 
    • AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate 
    • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
    • AWS Certified Solution Architect- Professional
    • AWS Certified Developer
    • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer


    Various Benefits offered by AWS Certifications for IT Professionals: 

    • Adds skills and boosts knowledge about cloud computing.
    • AWS offers re-exams and re-evaluation of cloud engineers to keep them updated about the newly emerging technological advancements.
    • Gamers are being chances with the help of this certification to become cloud specialists with a higher salary. 
    • Amazon Web Services Certifications are considered as the industrial benchmarks in the cloud-computing sector. 
    • With the help of these certifications, not only you add to your skill, but also you become listed among the top paid salaried cloud engineers in your company. 


    Reasons behind AWS being the current favourite of Businesses: 


    AWS provides the company with the latest framework for its website and other cloud computing needs. In the modern rapidly developing sector of IT, cloud computing is just the modern solution to years of old problems. AWS eliminates the use of in-house data storage servers, which end up getting stacked up repeatedly. However, with AWS cloud computing, all your data is being uploaded into the cloud. The company can access the cloud with a stable interest connection. This eliminates the cost of setting up big data storage servers, and the IT professionals now don’t need to worry about taking care of the servers. They can focus their energies and skills for the betterment of the company. 


    AWS also helps the businesses in maintaining the security of your data with its strong multi-layered firewalls. While on the other hand, they provide multiple backups and recovery options in case you lose your data. 


    The companies who use AWS reap the benefits of cloud computing as well as get additional benefits such as:

    • Increase in employee efficiency
    • Eliminates higher maintenance and assembly costs
    • Offers the facility to access from multiple locations
    • More secure and low latency 

    These were some reasons why businesses choose AWS. 


    Average Annual Salary of an AWS Certified Professional:


    AWS not only helped the companies and businesses to expand their reach in the rapidly developing …

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    Top Seven Reasons for Project Failure and How to Avoid Them

    Project failure is devastating for the company’s reputation, and it also shatters the confidence of the teams working on the project. So, here are some reasons for project failure and how they can be avoided. Before starting any project there should be proper project plan, business model, predefined methodology, duration of project and deadline all should in order, then it’s called proper Project Management.


    Project methodology

    It lacks a proper structure methodology are available to sustain working on a project. Their importance should be recognized by the leader of the project. These help in guiding you through each step while working on a project according to its life cycle are very successful and are globally acknowledged. And like Lean Six Sigma, Agile management, Scrum methods, and PRINCE2, you can be used to create a proper outline of the methods which would help you to work on the project. Control can be established on each aspect of the project through this, and it helps build confidence and trust in your clients.


    Planning is improper.

    It is an essential face before you start working on a project. The manager must comprehend the expectations on the line put forth by teams and display leadership. Work must be completed as fast as it can be from the management view. The team should have a view on how to complete the project by fulfilling the criteria provided.


    Planning, the leader, and the teams should work together. This means that every person is working towards achieving the same goal and is aware of their roles well. Valueless steps in the project are to be removed in this stage. Enlist all the important steps which you would require to complete the project.


    Follow-up methods being ineffective.

    Specifies the amount of work to be done in order to meet the requirements of the project by the manager. Proper communication should be ensured within the team members and the manager. This is to make sure that the things to be changed are taken care of immediately.


    Management software is the best way to maintain communication with members of the team. The exchange of information and ideas about the project becomes very easy that way. An example of a search tool is the BaseCamp3 tool.


    Project budgets being unrealistic.

    It is an essential factor in project development. The budget is distributed along each segment of project work in the planning stage. The project is considered a failure if the budget ever falls short. This symbolizes the inability of people to work and consult specialists properly.


    Overview meetings for the budget must be held to identify any arising risks. Even if budget problems occur, the manager must lead it upfront without getting the workflow affected. Any new strategy should be improving the work process and must be validated properly.


    Communication is lacking.

    Communication is a major reason for project failure. Many projects lack discussions and feedback sessions regarding the working of a project. Lack of awareness can be seen in …